It has reached us that seem members of  the bigger political parties seem to have had some worries over our partners in the  Peterborough City Council's Independent Forum Group forming their own political party. The Liberal Party Members in the group have no issues with the concept. This leaves us  wondering why outsiders are so concerned .   They have declared their reasons and these seem pretty straightforward to us.  They continue to  remain independent of the larger parties in their political  activities.    The Local  Government Association has an independent group which is open to all councillors not in the main stream parties this includes the Liberal Party and we have no qualms about declaring ourselves independent of  other political parties  .   We will continue to work with other groups  if we feel it best serves the City and our area  and does not compromise our own heartfelt  instincts. We might not always be spot on but we care.   

One thing we  won't do is make firm   promises and then wilfully  act  in direct  contrast to those pledges,.

Big Brother is watching
            but does he get  the information right

We often hear in the news that national databases either fail , have incorrect information or information is lost or passed on to the wrong people or worse unauthorised people can hack into  systems . ID theft is also a serious problem. 

In short can we trust the custodians of these  system to be sure that information is correct for you  and is safe.  On paper systems mistakes are usually more obvious than on their electronic counterparts. Information from a computer database is quickly transferred and picked up and rarely does the information seem to be Then it can take an age and a fight to put things right .  People say if you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear . On the contrary false information means big problems. 


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